How did we do? - Climb.Social Beta Week 1

Week 1 of our beta is done and dusted. Here’s what the team have been up to in a mere 7 days of all work and all play 😄 .

(Wait. What is

1. We have our first customers!

Lift off! After many a late night building we’re all jaw-droppingly excited to have real people signed up and creating their first collections. is already being used by TV broadcasters, radio stations, eCommerce sites, universities, non-profits and event spaces amongst others. We’re incredibly excited and can’t wait to start rolling out improvements to our service. 

2. We’ve added new features  

Super support.

climb social beta week 1 exists to help your brand get closer to your customers through social media. But we know you might need a helping hand to get there.  We’ve integrated support into our app which means if you’re stuck, you can chat to our team at any point from within without the need for lengthy emails*. Just look out for the speech bubble in the corner of your browser.

*Don’t worry, if email is your thang - our email support game is very strong too:

Improved embed code

climb social beta week 1

We’ve updated the simple HTML embed code and packed it with new features so it now: 

  • Automatically updates LIVE when you approve or reject content.
  • Inherits your site’s styles so it’s instantly on brand.
  • Adapts to any screen size with a responsive layout
  • Integrates easily into your products - developers we’ve published to npm 

3. What’s next? We’re going big!


Big screens that is. Bringing social media into your workspace, shop or event space is a fantastic way of bringing your customers or audience closer to your brand. Next week we’ll be releasing some brand spanking new big-screen formats to catch your customer's’ eye.

As we're in beta your feedback is hugely valuable to us and may help shape the future of our product!   If you have any questions or ideas for features get in touch. Email me, tweet us @climbsocialuk or hit the feedback button in the corner of your browser.

Try lets you easily collect relevant bits of social content from the web and automatically publish it to any website, app or big screen.