, helping Star Wars change live events.

There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it? Star Wars has made its momentous return to our lives - cue the yellow scrolling titles. Like being rekindled with a lost love, all those fuzzy warm feelings are back. 

To celebrate this global happening, the wonderful team at Buttergun TV have produced a 6 part documentary series looking at the influence the Stars Wars franchise has had on the lives of fans in the United Kingdom. They chose to launch it, ensuring it goes off like the preverbial Death Star. 

From an R2D2 replica builder to a fully-fledged Jedi, the series reveals the heart-warming and sometimes emotional aspects of their lives and the ways in which ‘The Force’ has affected them.

How changed their event

The goals were clear: build an atmosphere around the event beforehand, engage with the audience during the screening and leave them feeling like they’d never left that Galaxy so far, far away after the curtain had closed.

We’ve highlighted 4 ways Buttergun used a big screen powered to make their event one to remember:

Build a sense of anticipation


To create a buzz and encourage attendees to post to social in advance of the screening, the Buttergun team asked all their attendees and speakers to tweet or instagram with #starwarschangedmylife in exchange for prizes.

Give your #selfie to the dark side - audience participation

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One comment we often see from event organisers is that asking participants to actively engage can be as difficult as it is to convince Luke to join the Dark Side, but given the right incentives (fantastic Star Wars memorabilia) and the opportunity to get their faces onto a big screen for all to see, the task gets easier.

With props including various Jedi robes, stormtrooper helmets and lightsabers, the moderation screen soon filled up with fantastic selfies and other content ready to display. Feeds from Instagram, Facebook & Twitter refreshed every 30 seconds to reveal a new set of fresh content, this ensured audience engagement was held until the main event began.

'Use for a Q&A session Luke'


To give the audience a chance to interrogate the filmakers, Buttergun used to run a Q&A after screening. Moderators used to quickly collect the best questions and push them to the display for the host to read from. Because of the app’s quick refresh rate, the tweets were shown immediately after approval, keeping pace with the speakers.

‘Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen (by using moderation to stay on brand)’.

To stay in control of what went live, we used the Force. Well, we used’s moderation controls. The age range of the event varied from children to grown-up kids, so some feeds needed to be moderated. With’s automatic ‘naughty words’ filter, most of the feeds were set to automatically publish the moment content was found on social networks. Having 100% control over what your audience is seeing is incredibly important, it maintains quality and brand voice throughout the event.

These are the Tweets you are looking for.

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Feel the full force of how Star Wars changed fans’ lives by watching Buttergun’s documentaries.