6 steps to running a successful social media campaign

Whether you’re celebrating the launch of a new product, promoting an achievement or simply looking to build relationships with your customers, running a social media campaign is the speediest way to increase your engagement on social media.

If you’ve never run a campaign before, here are 6 steps to running a social media campaign.

1. Set your campaign goals

Before you launch Climb.social, have a think about what you want to achieve. Maybe you’re looking to collect contact information for leads. You could be out to increase engagement with your existing customers. Or perhaps you want to build excitement around a product launch. Whatever your goal is, make sure you’re setting out to achieve something clear and attainable.


2. Keep it on brand

Once you’ve set out your goals, it’s important to chose a campaign that fits with your brand and the customers you’re trying to attract. Think about running a competition that will appeal to your target demographic both visually and through your tone of voice. Also consider the length of your campaign; a typical campaign for smaller brands runs for 6 weeks.


3. Offer the right reward

Offer Reward.png

Make sure your prize is on brand and will appeal to your target customers. Offering money or gadgets may get you noticed but won’t necessarily entice customers who’ll be interested in what you have to offer in the long term (unless gadgets are what you offer, of course). Prizes should highlight what your brand has to offer - money off, free products etc. Lastly, check that the prize matches the effort required to enter. For example, a photo on Instagram in exchange for a discount may be a fair exchange.


4. Promote your campaign and get chatting

In the build up to launching your campaign, let your audience know something great is coming their way. Reach out to key influencers and existing fans of your brand to help build up a sense of anticipation. Once the campaign launches, it’s important to run a steady stream of announcements and updates reminding people of your campaign as well as communicating directly with those who have entered, thanking them and sharing their entries if relevant.


5. Create a Climb.social hub

With your campaign tone nailed and promotion in full swing, it’s time to make the most of all that great user-generated content and consider where it will live. The Climb.social hub lets you collect and feature the best ‘on brand’ entries within your own website or on a stand alone campaign site. Its responsively-built widget means it’s mobile friendly too – making it easier for everyone to use.


6. Analyse and learn

With your campaign complete and all entries gathered, it’s time to pour over the results and review its success. Did you connect with the audience you set out to connect with? When was it most successful and when did it begin to lag? And most importantly, what have you learnt for next time?

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