News, helping Star Wars change live events.

There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it? Star Wars has made its momentous return to our lives - cue the yellow scrolling titles. Like being rekindled with a lost love, all those fuzzy warm feelings are back. 

To celebrate this global happening, the wonderful team at Buttergun TV have produced a 6 part documentary series looking at the influence the Stars Wars franchise has had on the lives of fans in the United Kingdom. They chose to launch it, ensuring it goes off like the preverbial Death Star. 

From an R2D2 replica builder to a fully-fledged Jedi, the series reveals the heart-warming and sometimes emotional aspects of their lives and the ways in which ‘The Force’ has affected them.

How changed their event

The goals were clear: build an atmosphere around the event beforehand, engage with the audience during the screening and leave them feeling like they’d never left that Galaxy so far, far away after the curtain had closed.

We’ve highlighted 4 ways Buttergun used a big screen powered to make their event one to remember:

Build a sense of anticipation


To create a buzz and encourage attendees to post to social in advance of the screening, the Buttergun team asked all their attendees and speakers to tweet or instagram with #starwarschangedmylife in exchange for prizes.

Give your #selfie to the dark side - audience participation

q and a.png

One comment we often see from event organisers is that asking participants to actively engage can be as difficult as it is to convince Luke to join the Dark Side, but given the right incentives (fantastic Star Wars memorabilia) and the opportunity to get their faces onto a big screen for all to see, the task gets easier.

With props including various Jedi robes, stormtrooper helmets and lightsabers, the moderation screen soon filled up with fantastic selfies and other content ready to display. Feeds from Instagram, Facebook & Twitter refreshed every 30 seconds to reveal a new set of fresh content, this ensured audience engagement was held until the main event began.

'Use for a Q&A session Luke'


To give the audience a chance to interrogate the filmakers, Buttergun used to run a Q&A after screening. Moderators used to quickly collect the best questions and push them to the display for the host to read from. Because of the app’s quick refresh rate, the tweets were shown immediately after approval, keeping pace with the speakers.

‘Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen (by using moderation to stay on brand)’.

To stay in control of what went live, we used the Force. Well, we used’s moderation controls. The age range of the event varied from children to grown-up kids, so some feeds needed to be moderated. With’s automatic ‘naughty words’ filter, most of the feeds were set to automatically publish the moment content was found on social networks. Having 100% control over what your audience is seeing is incredibly important, it maintains quality and brand voice throughout the event.

These are the Tweets you are looking for.

Nowadays, providing a memorable experience is a standard requirement for any successful event. At we’ve been working with many brands to incorporate social media into their events.

We've found that used correctly, social media can help build anticipation, increase participation and provide your brand with plenty of exposure - making your event an experience to remember. Used properly, social content can add a huge amount of value to your brand marketing.

From social hubs to galleries to event displays, there are plenty of ways to put user generated content to good use. To get your own social display, sign up to

Feel the full force of how Star Wars changed fans’ lives by watching Buttergun’s documentaries.

Everything you need to know about a hub | Beta Week 3

We’ve welcomed a lot of new sign-ups this week. is now being used by a myriad of different industries including retailers, universities, events organisers, tv broadcasters and radio stations amongst others.

One of the most popular uses so far is creating a social hub. Not sure what a hub is? Here’s everything you need to know:

What is a hub?

A social hub is one of the simplest and most powerful uses of - a web page that displays specific content collected from social networks by your brand and those talking about it. 

It collects this social content based on user handles and hashtags that you’ve selected. The content can either be automatically published to your site, or to maintain control you can use our moderation controls.

Here are some typical examples:

  • I run a regular event and want to capture photos I’ve published on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to my website, alongside those from attendees.
  • I’m running a #hashtag campaign and want an easy way to collect and display the highlights on my site.
  • I sell clothes & accessories online and would like a page to show off photos of customers wearing my products.

5 benefits of a hub

Ok so you know what it is, but why do you need one? 

If you’re trying to get your brand noticed, being active on social media has some clear benefits - from raising awareness to increasing inbound traffic - it’s an efficient use of any brand’s marketing resources.  

A social hub is the next step. It helps you discover and publish positive user-generated content and extend the life of content that your brand is already sharing. 

The key benefits of a hub:

1. Makes your content last longer.

From a couple of hours on a Facebook news feed to just minutes on twitter, your content has a limited lifespan. A social hub lets you re-use content that would otherwise disappear and display it to those most interested in your brand - namely those visiting your website.

2. Builds a sense of trust

Who better to recommend your brand than your own customers? Embed a social hub on your website to display authentic customer recommendations where it’s needed most. Relevant, user-generated content builds a sense of trust on your site and validation that your brand is for them.

3. Increases engagement

You’ve pulled in great social content, now provide the tools to like, share, reply, favourite that let your audience to spread the word to their personal networks and increase the time they spend on your website.

4. Creates a destination for your hashtag campaign

Promoting your campaign throughout all social channels is the first step, but to capitalise on all the hard work, create a page that allows your audience to view the posts in one place. Show everything all select the best content to truly pack a punch. 

5. Creates a permanent archive of your event

Capture the best social content from your campaign or event in a permanent archive. Select the highlights or pull in everything to create a compelling snapshot of what took place.

How to create a social hub

Want to create your own hub? Sign up now to our beta and follow our simple How to Guides.

Try lets you easily collect relevant bits of social content from the web and automatically publish it to any website, app or big screen.

How social content can transform your brand marketing | Beta Week 2

Promoting your brand is a lonely task at times. It can feel a bit like tooting your own horn when no one’s listening. As we come to the end of week 2 of our beta, we're helping people discover more and more that using recommendations and endorsements from real individuals is an incredibly powerful tool in promoting their brand. 

So, how can social content transform your marketing?

“I know social content is important, but what do I do with it?”

This is a question our early customers have asked us a number of times in the past week. Many can see that social content is potentially very valuable, but are unsure how to use it effectively.

Here are 3 ways you can use to improve your customer experience:

Create a social hub

If your customers are already tweeting or posting on Instagram or Facebook about your brand, then use to automatically collect that content. allows you to collect any social media based on user handles or hashtags, filter out anything that might be off-brand and then publish it to your website. 

How does this benefit my brand?

Embed a social hub on your website to display authentic customer recommendations where it’s needed most. Relevant user-generated content builds a sense of trust on your site (who better to recommend your brand than your own customers?) as well as validation that your brand is relevant to them.

Follow these guides to make your own hub

Don't have an account? Sign up.

Introduce a big screen social display to your space.

Whether you’re running an event, work or retail space introducing a social display on a big screen is a fantastic way of increasing brand awareness. allows you to easily display content from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on big screens in real-time. Within minutes you can collect relevant social media and use it to run social competitions or simply display a steady stream of fresh social chatter.  

How does this benefit my brand?

A social display brings recommendations to your physical space and encourages attendees to promote your brand to their own networks of friends and family. It provides a sense of trust and encouragement right when they need it most. That same content can be published to any website, so those not attending can see what they’re missing out on.

Create a collection

Bring user generated content to your shop

Customers look to user generated content at all stages of the purchasing cycle. Whether it’s whilst browsing, at the point of purchase or when recommending what they’ve already bought to others. Easily publish social media recommendations to your eCommerce site, app and on a big screen in your retail space. 

How does this benefit my brand?

Displaying relevant user generated content on your product pages or in-store helps provide a level of trust and kinship between your customers and can help increase conversions at every step of the customer lifecycle. 

Bring user generated content to your retail space.


Need some practical help in publishing your collection up on the web? Here's a guide to get you started. If you’re stuck get in touch and we’ll get you up and running.


What’s new in this week?

Simple HTML embed

This week on the beta we updated our copy and paste, HTML embed code to provide a new set of features for any presentation out of the box. 

Live updating

We updated the simple HTML embed to support live updating so now content can be approved and rejected from the Moderation screen without the need for a refresh on the display. This makes perfect for events.

Improved responsiveness

We changed the styling code to make the wall’s responsive. This means they’ll scale to fit on any screen size or mobile device.

Animated slideshow

We also introduced slideshow display to showcase a single item at a time, rather than a grid. This is great on big screens at events, or dotted around your store or campus. 

Flexible API

If you’re a developer, you can even use our API directly to build completely bespoke UIs tailored to the social experiences you want to create for your brand.


As we're in beta your feedback is hugely valuable to us and will help shape the future of our product. Email me or tweet us @climbsocialuk.

Try lets you easily collect relevant bits of social content from the web and automatically publish it to any website, app or big screen.

How did we do? - Climb.Social Beta Week 1

Week 1 of our beta is done and dusted. Here’s what the team have been up to in a mere 7 days of all work and all play 😄 .

(Wait. What is

1. We have our first customers!

Lift off! After many a late night building we’re all jaw-droppingly excited to have real people signed up and creating their first collections. is already being used by TV broadcasters, radio stations, eCommerce sites, universities, non-profits and event spaces amongst others. We’re incredibly excited and can’t wait to start rolling out improvements to our service. 

2. We’ve added new features  

Super support.

climb social beta week 1 exists to help your brand get closer to your customers through social media. But we know you might need a helping hand to get there.  We’ve integrated support into our app which means if you’re stuck, you can chat to our team at any point from within without the need for lengthy emails*. Just look out for the speech bubble in the corner of your browser.

*Don’t worry, if email is your thang - our email support game is very strong too:

Improved embed code

climb social beta week 1

We’ve updated the simple HTML embed code and packed it with new features so it now: 

  • Automatically updates LIVE when you approve or reject content.
  • Inherits your site’s styles so it’s instantly on brand.
  • Adapts to any screen size with a responsive layout
  • Integrates easily into your products - developers we’ve published to npm 

3. What’s next? We’re going big!


Big screens that is. Bringing social media into your workspace, shop or event space is a fantastic way of bringing your customers or audience closer to your brand. Next week we’ll be releasing some brand spanking new big-screen formats to catch your customer's’ eye.

As we're in beta your feedback is hugely valuable to us and may help shape the future of our product!   If you have any questions or ideas for features get in touch. Email me, tweet us @climbsocialuk or hit the feedback button in the corner of your browser.

Try lets you easily collect relevant bits of social content from the web and automatically publish it to any website, app or big screen.

The best of #BackToTheFuture

We couldn’t ignore such a seminal cinematic moment as Back to the Future Day? As expected it trended on social media globally and threw up some very rather amusing attempts from brands to grab our attention.

We created this social hub to collect the best social media from the day and discovered a few gems in the process:

Try lets you easily collect relevant bits of social content from the web and automatically publish it to any website, app or big screen.

Introducing - be seen above the social clutter.

climb social beta launch

We’re a social bunch. On average, we all share 500 million tweets, 55 million Facebook posts and 80 million Instagram photos a day. That’s a lot of selfies, likes, snaps, pins and shares. 

Thanks to social media, people are avidly tweeting, posting and recommending brands like never before. They are creating genuine, credible, and potentially very valuable content. 

But with so much social clutter out there, brands are having a tougher time than ever being seen. 

And that’s why we created

We asked ourselves: 

  • Could there be an easier way to collect only the relevant bits of social content from the web?
  • Could brands publish that content to any website, app or big screen in real-time?
  • Could brands learn from their customers in the process and finally be seen above the clutter?

We think so. And that's why we're excited to announce the launch of in beta.

Read all about its features and how you can use it.

Because is in beta, we are on the hunt for brands looking to take social media to the next level. We’re offering a limited number of places to use for FREE with absolutely NO RESTRICTIONS.

Register now for your free access and get a better view of your customers. (And give them a better view of you).

Follow us on twitter for more announcements.