Everything you need to know about a Climb.social hub | Climb.social Beta Week 3

We’ve welcomed a lot of new sign-ups this week. Climb.social is now being used by a myriad of different industries including retailers, universities, events organisers, tv broadcasters and radio stations amongst others.

One of the most popular uses so far is creating a social hub. Not sure what a Climb.social hub is? Here’s everything you need to know:

What is a Climb.social hub?

A social hub is one of the simplest and most powerful uses of Climb.social - a web page that displays specific content collected from social networks by your brand and those talking about it. 

It collects this social content based on user handles and hashtags that you’ve selected. The content can either be automatically published to your site, or to maintain control you can use our moderation controls.

Here are some typical examples:

  • I run a regular event and want to capture photos I’ve published on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to my website, alongside those from attendees.
  • I’m running a #hashtag campaign and want an easy way to collect and display the highlights on my site.
  • I sell clothes & accessories online and would like a page to show off photos of customers wearing my products.

5 benefits of a Climb.social hub

Ok so you know what it is, but why do you need one? 

If you’re trying to get your brand noticed, being active on social media has some clear benefits - from raising awareness to increasing inbound traffic - it’s an efficient use of any brand’s marketing resources.  

A social hub is the next step. It helps you discover and publish positive user-generated content and extend the life of content that your brand is already sharing. 

The key benefits of a Climb.social hub:

1. Makes your content last longer.

From a couple of hours on a Facebook news feed to just minutes on twitter, your content has a limited lifespan. A social hub lets you re-use content that would otherwise disappear and display it to those most interested in your brand - namely those visiting your website.

2. Builds a sense of trust

Who better to recommend your brand than your own customers? Embed a social hub on your website to display authentic customer recommendations where it’s needed most. Relevant, user-generated content builds a sense of trust on your site and validation that your brand is for them.

3. Increases engagement

You’ve pulled in great social content, now provide the tools to like, share, reply, favourite that let your audience to spread the word to their personal networks and increase the time they spend on your website.

4. Creates a destination for your hashtag campaign

Promoting your campaign throughout all social channels is the first step, but to capitalise on all the hard work, create a page that allows your audience to view the posts in one place. Show everything all select the best content to truly pack a punch. 

5. Creates a permanent archive of your event

Capture the best social content from your campaign or event in a permanent archive. Select the highlights or pull in everything to create a compelling snapshot of what took place.

How to create a social hub

Want to create your own Climb.social hub? Sign up now to our beta and follow our simple How to Guides.

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