How social content can transform your brand marketing | Beta Week 2

Promoting your brand is a lonely task at times. It can feel a bit like tooting your own horn when no one’s listening. As we come to the end of week 2 of our beta, we're helping people discover more and more that using recommendations and endorsements from real individuals is an incredibly powerful tool in promoting their brand. 

So, how can social content transform your marketing?

“I know social content is important, but what do I do with it?”

This is a question our early customers have asked us a number of times in the past week. Many can see that social content is potentially very valuable, but are unsure how to use it effectively.

Here are 3 ways you can use to improve your customer experience:

Create a social hub

If your customers are already tweeting or posting on Instagram or Facebook about your brand, then use to automatically collect that content. allows you to collect any social media based on user handles or hashtags, filter out anything that might be off-brand and then publish it to your website. 

How does this benefit my brand?

Embed a social hub on your website to display authentic customer recommendations where it’s needed most. Relevant user-generated content builds a sense of trust on your site (who better to recommend your brand than your own customers?) as well as validation that your brand is relevant to them.

Follow these guides to make your own hub

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Introduce a big screen social display to your space.

Whether you’re running an event, work or retail space introducing a social display on a big screen is a fantastic way of increasing brand awareness. allows you to easily display content from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on big screens in real-time. Within minutes you can collect relevant social media and use it to run social competitions or simply display a steady stream of fresh social chatter.  

How does this benefit my brand?

A social display brings recommendations to your physical space and encourages attendees to promote your brand to their own networks of friends and family. It provides a sense of trust and encouragement right when they need it most. That same content can be published to any website, so those not attending can see what they’re missing out on.

Create a collection

Bring user generated content to your shop

Customers look to user generated content at all stages of the purchasing cycle. Whether it’s whilst browsing, at the point of purchase or when recommending what they’ve already bought to others. Easily publish social media recommendations to your eCommerce site, app and on a big screen in your retail space. 

How does this benefit my brand?

Displaying relevant user generated content on your product pages or in-store helps provide a level of trust and kinship between your customers and can help increase conversions at every step of the customer lifecycle. 

Bring user generated content to your retail space.


Need some practical help in publishing your collection up on the web? Here's a guide to get you started. If you’re stuck get in touch and we’ll get you up and running.


What’s new in this week?

Simple HTML embed

This week on the beta we updated our copy and paste, HTML embed code to provide a new set of features for any presentation out of the box. 

Live updating

We updated the simple HTML embed to support live updating so now content can be approved and rejected from the Moderation screen without the need for a refresh on the display. This makes perfect for events.

Improved responsiveness

We changed the styling code to make the wall’s responsive. This means they’ll scale to fit on any screen size or mobile device.

Animated slideshow

We also introduced slideshow display to showcase a single item at a time, rather than a grid. This is great on big screens at events, or dotted around your store or campus. 

Flexible API

If you’re a developer, you can even use our API directly to build completely bespoke UIs tailored to the social experiences you want to create for your brand.


As we're in beta your feedback is hugely valuable to us and will help shape the future of our product. Email me or tweet us @climbsocialuk.

Try lets you easily collect relevant bits of social content from the web and automatically publish it to any website, app or big screen.