How user-generated content improves your brand marketing

User-generated content is transforming the way brands are marketing themselves, and with measurable results, it’s obvious why.

But how does user-generated content marketing work?

1. It builds a sense of trust

When a customer shares a photo of your product on social media, it’s a public and genuine endorsement of your brand. It’s a seal of approval that inspires a greater sense of trust than other forms of advertising. Displaying those relevant photos and messages to potential customers shows that your brand is for them. Who better to recommend your brand than your own customers?


2. It develops lasting customer relationships

It’s not just about great photos, it’s also about the relationships you’re developing between your customers and your brand. When you collect and display your customers’ photos (with their permission of course) you’re striking up a conversation that will make them feel appreciated. Ultimately, that connection can build loyalty and encourage real engagement.


3. It makes you memorable

User-generated content is one of the best ways to add a sense of intrigue and fun to your marketing efforts and at best, it can inspire. For example, The Body Coach fitness guru Joe Wicks regularly shares transformation photos of his fitness graduates that prove the effectiveness of his fitness plans, inspiring his existing and potential customers alike. If customers perceive your content as interesting, they’re more likely to remember you and look you up in the future.


Real content from real people.

Incorporating customer photos and messages into your marketing efforts is a highly effective way of developing trusted relationships between your brand and its customers.

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