How social media can make your event memorable

Nowadays, providing a memorable experience is a standard requirement for any successful event. At we’ve been working with many brands to incorporate social media into their events. We've found that used correctly, social media can help build anticipation, increase participation and provide your brand with plenty of exposure - making your event an experience to remember.

Here are 6 ways that social media can make your next event memorable.

1. Build anticipation before the event starts

Create a buzz in advance of the big day. Tell all your attendees and speakers to tweet with a unique hashtag in exchange for a prize or VIP access. Use to collect social media with that hashtag and embed it on your website either on a dedicated social hub or on your events page.

2. Get people tweeting and posting to Instagram from the get-go

Display your hashtag on all your event displays and ask your attendees to start posting. Show any tweets and Instagram posts you have already collected as this will encourage your guests to get tweeting.

3.Run Q&As through Twitter

When it’s time for questions, avoid that tumbleweed moment by letting audiences ask questions via Twitter with a dedicated hashtag and then display them on your screens. This helps keep questions concise and allows event organisers to pick the most appropriate ones and display them one at a time.

4. Share branded content, updates and promotions

Pull in your own social feeds and display them amongst the other social content. Use it to ask the audience questions, highlight interesting quotes from your speakers or share useful info like who is speaking and when. Make use of the screens for your sponsors by offering it up as advertising space - either through branding or recurring social media.

5. Use the clout of your event speakers

You’ve worked hard to get them there, now encourage your speakers to tweet or post to Instagram and interact with your audience on social networks. Not only will your audience enjoy engaging with them online, you’ll also be promoting your event to their own network of followers.

6. Use the best endorsements to promote your next event

After the event is done and dusted, collect the best social recommendations and display them on your site and in your post event marketing to show off how much of a success it was!

Used properly, social content can add a huge amount of value to your brand marketing. From social hubs to galleries to event displays, there are plenty of ways to put user generated content to good use. To get your own social display, sign up to