2. How to approve and reject content

Once you have created a collection Climb.social will start to pull in social content. There are a number of ways to moderate this content. This guide explains how to:

  1. Automatically pre-approve content
  2. Manually approve or reject content
  3. Automatically filter all content by naughty words, hashtags and users

1. Automatically approve content

Climb.social allows you to automatically publish content from feeds without needing to manually approve it.

Click on the feed you wish to automatically approve. From the ‘Change this feed’ dialogue box, check ‘Automatically display content from this feed’. Click ‘save’.

2. Manually approve or reject content

To manually approve or reject any content go to the moderation page.
Here Climb.social collects content from all your Collections.

To view content from a specific Collection, social network or state, select from the drop-down filters.

Unless you have set a feed to automatically display (see above), social media can only be published by manually approving.

To manually approve content, simply select it and click ‘approve’.

To reject content, select it and click ‘reject’.

Approve campaign 6.png

To view all approved content, select ‘approved’ from the ‘all states’ drop down.

3. Automatically filter out all content with specific words, hashtags or usernames

To automatically filter out any content that contains profanities, hashtags or usernames that are ‘off message’, click ‘manage filters’.

By default any naughty words (profanities) and duplicate content are filtered out.
To remove these filter, un-tick the check boxes.

To remove specific words or users, start typing.
To confirm, press enter on your keyboard.

To delete any specific filters, hover over it and click the ‘x’ that appears.
Click ‘delete filter’ to confirm.

If you have a large number of entries to add, simply copy and paste them in, Climb.social will organise them.

To exit and save, click ‘done’.


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