Press Kit

What is Climb Social?

Climb Social is a marketing platform that allows brands to connect closely with their customers through social media, enabling genuine, memorable interactions. 

It allows brands to collect and curate social media from around the web and display it to any website, app or big screen. 

Whether it’s through online competitions, on big screens at live events or in-store kiosks, Climb helps brands talk to audiences wherever they’re being social.

How is it used?


Run competitions

Reach and reward customers across social networks with hashtag campaigns and competitions. 


Create a social hub

Turn your static site into a lively social destination with a social hub. 


Make live events truly social

Turn your audience into highly engaged brand advocates with a truly interactive event. 


Make eCommerce & Retail social

Encourage people to buy from you with real customers recommendations.

How does it work?



Whether you want to create a social hub on your website, build an audience around a campaign or engage with people at an event, Climb lets you aggregate social content in seconds.



Stay on brand and on top of it all with our elegant moderation tools or save time and resource with our automatic filters.



Get noticed by your audience. Easily publish social content to any website, app, event display or big screen with our responsive embed widget.



Build the content experiences you want. Our services are optimised for delivering data easily to systems as well as people with our fully compliant REST API.



Keep tabs on all your social content at once, notice emerging trends, and stay one step ahead of the competition by monitoring any user, topic or #hashtag in real time.

Founding team

Chris Elphick / @chris_elf

Michele Memoli

Paolo Memoli  

Stefan Finch


13 Hawley Crescent, London, UK NW1 8NP

For all company, press and interview enquiries please contact:

Chris Elphick

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