Encourage people to buy from you with real customers recommendations.


Customers look to user generated content at all stages of the purchasing cycle. Whether it’s whilst browsing for something new, at the point of purchase or when recommending what they’ve already bought to others.


Easily collect and publish social media recommendations to your eCommerce site, app and on a big screen in your retail space. 

  • Collect and display social content from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Encourage customers to share their recommendations with cross network competitions and promotions.
  • Promote social endorsements from brand advocates and influencers.

  • Incentivise customers in to share their recommendations in your retail space with visual displays.

How it works

Collect social media

Collect the social media
you want to display.

Pick the best content

Approve and reject content
as it comes in.

Display it anywhere

Publish the approved content
to any of your digital properties.

We're in beta. Be quick! Limited places available